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Success Stories

  • Julie from Lancaster is a mother of two and works full-time. In just a matter of 3 months Julie lost over 21 pounds and 5% body fat! So far she has dropped more than 9 inches overall!

    Julie feels amazing and continues to strive towards her weight loss goals!

  • Sarah from Palmdale is a mother of two and works full time! In a matter of 3 months in the Beast in the Beauty Training Camp, Sarah lost 30 pounds and went from a size 11 to a 0!

    “It’s realistic goals, realistic eating, and I can maintain this lifestyle even with working full time and caring for two kids. I feel fantastic!”

  • Jessica from Lancaster is a young business professional who was struggling with her fitness and nutrition. Jessica dropped over 31 pounds and 9% body fat!

    She also lost more than 19 inches overall and she feels great! All this in just under 4 months.

  • John and Evelyn from Quartz Hill, $1000 winners of our 2014 Mother’s Day 8-Week Challenge.

  • Lorraine from Lancaster heard about Just1 Fitness in March of 2009. She was desperate! She had done everything to try to lose weight but always failed.

    “Just1 Fitness has changed my life. Since I started with Just1 Fitness I have lost 55 pounds, am no longer Pre-Diabetic, and am off my Cholesterol Medication. I still have quite a ways to go but with the help and commitment of Just1 Fitness, and with their expertise in the areas of nutrition and training, I feel confident that I will reach my goals and will soon be out of the danger zone with my health issues.”

  • Ernie from Lancaster is 82 years old. A few years ago Ernie survived Triple Bypass heart surgery. With the help of Just1 Fitness Ernie has come back strong and now feels he has the strength of a 20-year-old!

    He has gained more flexibility and has better movement patterns than he has had in years and his heart continues to beat strong!