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Personal Training

Training is using Exercise Philosophies, Techniques, and tools to accomplish a goal... Your Goal. Stop exercising & start training.

Personal Training


Just 1 Fitness, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals reach their ideal health, wellness, performance and fitness goals. We have a staff of highly experienced and qualified performance specialists who are committed to helping their clients achieve and reach their optimal potential.
Even though each individual’s goals may differ, the philosophy and principles are identical in helping you to achieve your fitness goals. With over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, our coaches and trainers will help motivate, inspire and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and athletic performance.

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Each Individual will be assessed using the top of the line Ultrasound Scanner and based on their Fitness Goals a program will be customized and designed for them. Just 1 Fitness, Inc. will provide topnotch education, motivation, and accountability with your training. Combined these are the blueprints for achieving safe and long-term results.


  • Private Training
  • Semi Private Training
  • Athletic Training
  • Group Training

Meet Theresa

Theresa Kingsley has lost over 143 lbs so far and is almost to her goal weight! Through the proper education in healthy eating, exercise, and injury prevention, Theresa no longer has to worry about diabetes that runs in her family!

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