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Nutritional Planning

Your Partner… Nutrition.

Nutrition is defined as an element in which when absorbed at a cellular level, it will nourish, repair and produce heat and give energy to the human without causing injury. Many obstacles exist that prevents us from getting the nourishment that we truly require to sustain a healthy life

The Human System is always in a state of Homeostasis or balance at a cellular level so we need to take in the proper nutrients for the body to do so. These nutrients are as follows: nutrients that provide energy, nutrients to rebuild tissue and nutrients which can initiate and facilitate the chemical reactions that produce energy and synthesize tissue. Many of us take supplements to fill in the gaps. The supplement market is not regulated, and many are of poor quality filled with binders and fillers and as a result, they have a poor absorption rate.

The foods we consume are laden with toxins and devoid of many nutrients. There are many reasons for this, examples are over farming & run-off.

We here at Just 1 Fitness, Inc. follow specific principles for physical health from on high and they are simple

  • Adequate cellular nutrition
  • Adequate cellular elimination
  • Not only do we need to consume nutrient dense foods for our system, but we also need proper supplementation.

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Not only do we need to consume nutrient-dense foods for our system, but we also need proper supplementation. 

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