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21 Day Online Fat Incinerator Challenge

21 Day Online Fat Incinerator Challenge

21-DAY Fat Incinerator Challenge

The Program

This program is designed to jump-start your weight loss. At the end of this program, we have a little extra something for you. We have given you a bonus week as a self-evaluation.


You will rarely hear the word exercise in our program design. We believe everything you do in life is a skill, a learned behavior. We use the exercise physiology, techniques, and tools to train with. My concern is that you stay injury free. If you are a beginner, focus and move slowly. All you have to do is take 20-25 minutes of your time for a healthier and fitter you.

The Training Days

You will train six days a week (God created Heaven and Earth and rested the 7th day) We will train: Upper Extremities Monday and Thursday, Lower Extremities Tuesday and Friday, The Core, Shoulders, Triceps, and Biceps Wednesday and Sunday. These training techniques can be accomplished at any gym, studio, or in the comfort of your home. At the conclusion of each resistance-training program, you will do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) cardio program. Studies have shown (HIIT) results in 40% to 50% greater fat oxidation! The primary energy used during resistance training is ATP and stored muscle glycogen. Fat that is released in the blood during training is used to help restoring muscle glycogen and it is not diverted and stored in your fat cells.  This is the reason why cardio training after your resistance training is crucial to fat loss.

Equipment and Tools Need

  • Dumbbells (DB)
  • Physio Ball 45cm or 55cm
  • Kettlebells (KB)
  • Resistance tubing

Reserve Your Spot

Module 1 WEEK 1: Muscle Endurance
Workout 1 Welcome
Workout 2 Day 1
Workout 3 Day 2
Workout 4 Day 3
Workout 5 Day 4
Workout 6 Day 5
Workout 7 Day 7
Module 2 WEEK 2: Muscle Endurance
Workout 1 Day 8
Workout 2 Day 9
Workout 3 Day 10
Workout 4 Day 11
Workout 5 Day 12
Workout 6 Day 14
Module 3 WEEK 3: Strength & Endurance
Workout 1 Day 15
Workout 2 Day 16
Workout 3 Day 17
Workout 4 Day 18
Workout 5 Day 19
Workout 6 Day 21